by Some Stranger

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April 2013 on Robotic Empire Records


released April 2, 2013

Some Stranger is Tym & Daniel Danger.

Additional tracking on this recording:
Derrick Flanagin - Drums
Justin Myer Staller - Guitar
Gary Cioffi - Bass

Engineered by Gary Cioffi and John Dello Iacono
Mixed by Vince Ratti
Mastered by Will Yip


tags: rock loopy Boston


all rights reserved


Some Stranger Boston, Massachusetts

Some Stranger is Tym & Daniel Danger.

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Track Name: On and On
//on and on

caught up in a whirlwind of broken days
not quite ready for a sealed fate
if it's between this and a pedestrian life
maybe I'm just waiting for the other side

I was upside down through the highs and lows
but it's always wrong and it always goes
it's the thing beyond, so cosmically
that shred of proof that you never see

let it take you
find out what you knew
oh it's too bad reality twists and turns with everything
oh it's so bad, isn't it

so it goes

one by one

on and on and on

let it spin and twist and run
let it go for far too long
let it keep the things you knew
let it wound
let it take you
Track Name: Points East
//points east

I had a change of heart
at least I think I did
oh if I could only start
to see the things i want to get
I know that they could be again
but I don't even know
if it's what I want
it's a thought I had some time ago but it comes and goes, so

call me a liar (I was one, it's fair but)
call me a saint (I wasn't, but dont you)
let me fall

we could have the same talk now
get it done with, figure it out
it's on - waited for far too long

I promised someone I'd stay
a little further than I've been content to be away
but it'll cross some wires
and it'll let you down
it'll force all those magnetic poles to move from north to south
while you wait for the chemistry to be the thing
it once was
it might never be again

we can have the same conversation
we've had ten times before
but if we're dying anyway
then what the hell are we waiting for
what are we waiting for
Track Name: Silver & the Sun
//silver & the sun

take a picture, but hold the camera still
the moment might pass before we
get a chance to pretend we're our favorite celebrities
in a picture perfect scene
you make it black and white
like you saw it a magazine
but it's a constant reminder
and i don't remember
where it was or what had happened
so i'll record it
with some plastic and some silver

you take another day to go and do this on your own
but we never got a chance to even call this place a home
I'll ask you one more time could you just keep this photograph
from time to time you'll think of it, and I just hope you'll laugh

there's a void in time
and it tows the line
puts you right back where you are
it's history
but you let it be
Track Name: Song One
//song 1

can you keep it from yourself
a little secret but it'll never get
that far
without something to keep you grounded
while you
break a little piece off for yourself
take a quick vacation from your private hell
cause it's on on on and it never stops
so you wait wait wait, you wait

suddenly it happens to be
that what I did with my life has a different meaning
but it's a cycle, and there's a bottom
so I can reset and start start start it again

so I try and I try and I try but it's never enough (i let it go, i let it rust)

it's not the person you once were
it's not the words stuck in your throat
cause it's something that you make not something that you found
but I can't paint a picture so i'll make a sound
Track Name: Sirens

shuffling some papers
scribbling some letters
on a pad somewhere
a note to myself
oh so sure it'll be what i wanted it to be, really
we're not all gonna see fortune, fame, and obviously
you're hoping that it's something but some roads lead to nothing

don't act so surprised we turned out to be - not what we predicted exactly
just another bunch of vagabonds drifters stoners or starlets
past regrets and future triumphs shuffling on the hot concrete
suns been beating down but you don't wanna see
wanted the truth but you don't want to believe

ring out the sirens
call out to ghosts
"lost at last"
forgetting what we wrote
what we might have been again
saw it once but i can't remember when

you don't have to know our faces or our names
just the refrain
the tips of our fingers
the after-image